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09 August 2011



I followed the link on Rosalie’s blog and I have to tell you that I loved to read your post! Life indeed is full of special things, you only need to have an eye for them and you certainly do!


Holly I am visiting from Rosalie Quinnlan's blog, such lovely words of wisdom and wonderful shots.You know that first photo on your blog, the one of you, was a bit spooky, as I thought I was looking at my 18yr old daughter!

Holly Wolfe

Nicolette, thank you! The positives in life are indeed a thing that requires a keen eye :)

Leanne, I promise I am not your daughter! But I do like that I look like an 18 year old still :) Foxy says hello to you both. In his a growly, chewy sort of fox way though!


I too have popped over from Rosie's blog - thank you for such a lovely post. It has made me stop and remember to enjoy even the most simple things in life. Thank you!

Auntie Pami

Rosie sent me. Thank you for this. Sometimes life gets in the way of living.


Hi Holly, your mind works in mysterious ways lovely one & I think that is why you see things so creatively. I love the egg idea & your sentiments about your mum. Obviously your talents shine through in everything you do. Tracee xx (via Rosie too)

Linda Lilly Cottage

Truly beautiful post..no wonder Rosie sent us to visit..you do her proud.
Every day is special, every moment full of the possibilty of something magical, we should be able to answer at the end of the day...what was the the most special thing about today..even if it is just to say...I survived.
Kiss Noises Linda


Holly, what a truly beautiful post. Thank you for reminding us to reflect on the precious moments of our lives <3


Found you through Rosalies blog.....such an awesome post and so true, we must always remember the simple things in life, they usually, are the things that make life worth living :)

claire hilton



I came across from Rosalie's blog and found your words so touching and beautiful. So many people spend so much time rushing around with things that are really not that important in the scheme of things and they forget the wonderful, beautiful and deeply important things in life. I have been very lucky to have been able to stay home and look after my two kids for the whole of their childhood. People have equally marvelled and openly disapproved of the decision my husband and I made a long time ago. Our kids are 21 and 18 and people seem to think I was incredibly foolish to not have more in life, as though wanting to be a wife and mother was somehow foolish and degrading, as well as a waste of my life. Now the kids are older people still look down their nose and judge me. Me. I have the last laugh, because I get to smell the roses. I get to see the important stuff. I get to have that time with my family that others keep putting off till tomorrow. God bless your beautiful heart. And don't forget to tell that crazy plant lady just how much you love her!


Yes, yes, yes I draw faces on the older eggs too!

Sharon L F

Such a beautiful blog Holly. I followed the link from Rosalie's page and I am so glad I did. Your words certainly struck a chord. I was "attacked" by a wave LOL and got a little wet...my husband was a little disapproving, but it brought back the little girl in me that always paddled a little too close and always ended up wet...divine.
Hugs, Sharon

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